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Domain Driven UI

Am 11. Oktober ist es wieder soweit, die SoCraOs trifft sich bei Hellmann im Speicher ab 19:00 Uhr zu einem spannenden Thema.

Roman Sachse und Marco Heimeshoff halten einen Vortrag zum Thema Domain Driven UI. Bei Interesse programmieren wir im Anschluß noch etwas im Stil des Gehörten.

Hier schon einmal ein kleiner Appetithappen, worum es an dem Abend geht:

Domain Driven Design is neither a method nor a technology, it is a culture, a way of thinking about the needs of the customers first and putting an emphasis on their language, understandings and human interactions.
Thus DDD is not just for backend systems, but a semantic domain model also benefits the UI design. Unfortunately these semantics are often lost in translation when transferred to the frontend because the impedance mismatch is too high. Therefore the users that are actually using the system will not profit as much as they could from your design. I will show you a functional approach that allows you to actually reuse your domain types and behaviour with ease by combining CQRS and the Elm architecture with an overall messaging architecture.

Weitere Informationen findet Ihr auch hier.